Honeymoon Packages in Spain

Posted November 3rd, 2013 by Author

Have you chosen Spain as your honeymoon destination? Then give a pat on your back, you have made the right choice. There are quite a lot of famous destinations in Spain that you and your loved one will like them to the core. This country is located right in the Mediterranean region and posses some of the splendid archipelagos in the world. Spain never fails to attract guests from all countries and makes them get immersed in the mood of fun and frolic. The below given are some of the cities that you must not miss while flocking to Spain.


Mallorca is one among the Balearic Islands that serves as an ideal weekend breaks in Spain. The months of May and June are the best time to visit this scenic island. The Mallorca has many white-sand beaches that are found along the five hundred kilometers coastal stretch. It is advisable to hire a car and explore the length and breadth of the beautiful island that is comprised of pine forests, almond groves and mountain villages. A wide range of beach resorts with attached bars are scattered across this scenic place. By staying here people can groove to the music and enjoy the nightlife near the beaches.


The place is a safe haven for all the romantic couples who are scouting for a place to spend some quality time. Benidrom is home to two exotic beaches such as playa de poniente and playa de levanter. A lot of water sport activities such as parascending, banana boat, water skiing, wake boarding and much more are carried out in Benidorm. There are numerous eco resorts where you can rejuvenate yourself in the posh spas. When compared to other places in Spain, Benidorm has more discos and luxury hotels. Since the island has many nightclubs it is been called as a paradise for night owls.


Tenerife is an integral part of the Canary Islands that serves as a famous honeymoon destination for people. Situated comfortably in the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife is decorated with an extensive range of beautiful beaches, volcanic landscape and attractions. The island has a long coastline that stretches more than three hundred and fifty kilometers and boasts many clean beaches that possess blue flag. Newlywed couples will find it enjoyable to go for a walk in the landscape of lush green hills of Tenerife. As the islands hosts an airport people find it easy to hop into this place. Couples can accommodate themselves in the boutique hotels that have a classy spa.

Private Jet Charter Service – What You Need to Know

Posted November 2nd, 2013 by Author

Whoever said that getting a charter jet service was expensive was probably right. Compared to traveling via a commercial airline’s jet, a chartered jet is without a doubt a costly and unwise decision. However, for people who have the money a private jet charter service is the best option. This is true for businessmen, celebrities, and even families who don’t want to be bothered with horrible in flight service from one of the more popular commercial airliners. What makes the charter jet industry tick though? There shouldn’t be a large number of people who make use of chartered airplane services nowadays, right? Actually, there has been a slight increase in the number of people who utilize the services of these private jets. And usually these people are the aforementioned businessmen and celebrities. Because although these people could probably afford their own private jets they also know that the costs that they are going to incur in the maintenance and repair of these flying machines will plunge their finances in the red.

It is a good thing that private jet charter services have various offerings for people, as well as companies who want to make use of their services. Well, there are basically two kinds of services that charter companies offer for their clients who want their services. First would be fractional ownership services. With this arrangement, a charter company or any company for that matter will share with other companies the costs of buying a private jet. In this type of arrangement, as many as four parties can share ownership for a time of the aircraft. Additionally depending on the arrangement as well as the number of parties involved in the venture, a company or an individual will have around 100 hours of flight time. Additional fees like those for monthly management, catering and ground transportation would need to be paid also. Aside from this, there is also the typical service of charter companies wherein maintain and manage jets for their clients. By far this is the most common service that a majority of their clients avail of. The only drawback with this is the fact that the client would have limited choices in which plane they would want to use. This is because of the large number of clients these charter companies cater to.

What’s also good about a private jet charter is the fact that the high cost of this specialized service is completely justified. The members of the flight crew are all professionals and have extensive knowledge in providing excellent customer service. In addition to this, the in-flight catering service is unlike what can be found on commercial domestic flights. In most cases, clients will get to taste a full course meal from a cuisine of their choice. Be it Mediterranean, French or even Japanese, the catering service can provide an appropriate cook or chef. Indeed the main draw of a jet charter service is that it not only can it get you quickly to where you want to go; you’re also going to get to that location in style.

Get a Break And Plan a Dubai Tour

Posted November 1st, 2013 by Author

Do you know how important a break in our life is? If we constantly do without break then our health goes down and no body wants this. If you don’t want to lose your precious health then must plan a tour during your holidays. You can also get break when you feel that your mind has been stuck and you are unable to do work in a proficient manner. A tour of Dubai will be one of your best decisions as this city offers fun, excitement, thrill and relaxation side by side. A number of tourists around the world visit this city; it will be quite simple to get an affordable holiday package. Now I’m going to provide you three examples of usual Dubai holiday package.

Package No.1

This deal will include an excursion of Dubai desert safari, dune bashing, wadi bashing, Wild Wadi park, a stay in five star hotel, pick/drop facility, refreshment and dhow cruise dinner. This is usually suitable for families as they can love to go for sand boarding, quad bike ride, and a buffet dinner. This two night and one day tour is designed to entertain the families in the best possible way. Crew of tour operator will offer quality services in Dubai desert and dhow. You would love to slide in the water sliders of different colors, shapes and height. Dinner of dhow and desert safari will be included in the package but you need to buy snacks yourself.

Package No.2

This deal is generally suitable for you when you come in this city alone. This comprises of yacht charter Dubai cruising, fishing in Dubai, Big bus tour, stay in three star hotel, Hatta or Dubai desert safari, Creek discovery, pick/drop, etc. The main purpose behind offering this kind of package is to provide company to a person who comes in the city without family. Other voyagers join him during his excursion and he never feels bored or alone. The cost of this complete is usually lower than first package.

Package No.3

This deal is perfectly matched with the requirements of businessmen. They often need to visit Dubai for their official tasks. They have limited time, thus tour operator tries to add a few but entertaining things in a package. This kind of package includes dhow cruise dinner, Dubai Marina discovery via yacht charter cruising, City tour via big bus, Palm Island explorations, pick and drop facility.

Now it’s time to get some break from your work, find a package that seems suitable to you and start enjoying the real fun of life. You are free to get the complete details of from official website of Dubai tour operator.

The Rishikesh hotels are the ones which are full of the devotees who visit Rishikesh every year. This is one of the most prominent places of India when it comes to Hindu mythology. This place is believed to be a holy ground and so people all over the country visit Risikesh every year to visit the great temple. Rishikesh located in the hilly regions of Himalayas have been gifted with mist of natural beauty, flora and fauna. Making the journey to the devoted place feel like being in heaven.

Availability of Accommodation:

Looking into the fact that around 2 lakh of people visit Rishikesh every year, there are plenty of wonderful Rishikesh hotels available for the tourists. Being the gateway for Himalayas, the place has always been full of foreign travelers which have made the biggest names in hotel industry to come and invest here which has given the accommodations here to take a new shape. The whole place is full of green natural carpet and the hotels are just studded like gems in it. This is giving full cozy comfortable stay to people coming from around the globe. The modern facilities merged with the beauty of the flora get you the biggest place for staying in Rishikesh.

Good times in Rishikesh

Once you find the right one among Rishikesh hotels, you can plan the rest of the tour for you. If you are visiting the place for walking to the temple then that must be your first priority. However, there are many other things to do in there for you too. The serenity of Rishikesh adds up to its beauty and makes it a heavenly beautiful tourist destination. With greenery on the ground level, and the Himalaya in the touching distance, you will be able to enjoy your stay in Rishikesh. There are some temples and other tourist attractions in there where you can visit during your stay.

Abode for Yoga:

Rishikesh is called to be the world capital for yoga and this makes the place more interesting hence coming here and not enjoying yoga is simply missing the charm of Rishikesh. Mostly all the Rishikesh hotels or the resorts are facilitated with yoga camping systems or even have yoga trainers in there. People from around the world are seen to come here and stay for yoga training sometimes even they come for treatment of pain and other issues through yoga.

One thing to must remember about Rishikesh is that it’s a popular tourist attraction. This is one thing that makes it hard to find the best hotels when it’s peak season in there. You have to plan few months earlier than your visit if you want the suitable Rishikesh hotels available to stay. You can search online to have a wider choice of hotels to select from. Visit a reliable website that offers updated information about hotels. Using their search tools, you can shortlist hotels of your choice based on class, price range, location and facilities. Before finally booking the hotel, you should compare the features and services of different hotels and also read the reviews given by real travelers to the city to get an idea about what you will get.

Frequented by visitors of all origins and ages, Mai Khao’s Turtle Village is no ordinary shopping complex in Phuket. Housed within a space that pays homage to its namesake creature, at every turn this plush and engaging retail space is one of the best reasons to head down to the north-western shores of Phuket. Some of the architectural and structural highlights of this quirky turtle inspired shopper’s Mecca is of course the flying turtle fountain found at its entrance which contains three suspended turtle sculptures on a cascade of water. Other motifs denoting the turtle are also found throughout this black and white shopping centre which is housed in an elegant structure that closely resembles a sprawling colonial mansion.

The ground floor of the Turtle Village contains a number of retail outlets where guests can find the best in consumer goods at one location. Exquisite Thai silks are available at the Jim Thompson flagship store at Turtle Village which specializes in a variety of phenomenal silk products such as handbags, neck ties, accessories, scarves and even homewear and toys. The Kashmir Gallery offers equally enticing bedding, embroideries and oriental carpets while Private Collection retails stunning sterling silver creations and jewellery that has been hand-picked from silver vendors around the globe. The Eye Bright optical store on the other hand offers state-of-the-art eyewear from Europe and Japan while a Triumph lingerie and swimwear store is also onsite in addition to a supermarket named Turtle Mart.

The second floor of Turtle Village houses J&P Gems where pearls and precious stone jewellery reigns supreme as well as a Red Coral outlet where seashell accessories and a variety of gift items are found. PIK LIK is a nightwear hotspot on the 2nd floor with silks, handmade products and home ware items. Starblu is the fashion store for women and children with a taste for the finer things in life as delicate chiffons and hand-woven fabrics are available here. Souvenir hunters will find Chinese antiques, porcelains, paintings and furniture at the Soul of Asia Art & Boutique which is revered by collectors and art connoisseurs. Guests can enjoy snacks, cakes and drinks at the Coffee Club at Turtle Village.

Travellers on the lookout for luxury hotel resorts in Phuket and around Thailand will find no finer alternative to Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas. Offering guests a range of luxury hotels in strategic location across the country this reputed hotel chain provides elegant rests for discerning travellers on holiday.